Try a “Microhit” of Mindfulness

Person eating while wearing a wristwatch.

Research shows the power of mindfulness meditation. But many people believe they don’t have time to meditate. Could brief periods of mindfulness be an effective solution?

How much mindfulness meditation is “enough?”

As part of the 200-hour meditation leader training I recently completed with Sage Institute for Creativity and Consciousness, I researched brief periods of mindfulness…

An ancient meditation practice helped me love my neighbors despite our political differences (and their political signs)

Snow-covered trees on a suburban street.

Political signs dotted the yards. This was a presidential year and the nation was on edge. It didn’t matter which party the signs supported, they annoyed me. I longed for the green simplicity of empty yards. — Nita Sweeney, Depression Hates a Moving Target referring to the 2012 election.


Tiny Steps I Took When Silence in the Face of Racism and Privilege (especially my own) was No Longer an Option

I’m a white, middle-aged, middle-class woman who lives in an affluent central Ohio suburb. While I was in high school, growing up in white, rural Ohio, the first family of “colored people” moved into our district.

They were Italian.


Despite my lifelong desire to reform racism out of myself…

How re-framing ‘I’m sorry’ changed the way I think about myself

Meme saying “Thank you for your patience. ~ Nita Sweeney”

Thank you for your patience

A friend recently posted an Ashley Stahl meme with alternatives to “I’m Sorry.”

“I’m sorry I’m late” became “Thank you for waiting for me.”

“I’m sorry I’m so needy” turned into “Thank you for being there for me.”

As someone whose brain transforms the mere hint of another person’s displeasure…

Nita Sweeney

Award-winning author of Depression Hates a Moving Target and You Should Be Writing. Publishes Write Now Columbus. Meditates and runs.

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