Try a “Microhit” of Mindfulness

Person eating while wearing a wristwatch.
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How much mindfulness meditation is “enough?”

As part of the 200-hour meditation leader training I recently completed with Sage Institute for Creativity and Consciousness, I researched brief periods of mindfulness to find an answer.

World Bipolar Day

Nita Sweeney and her dog Scarlet, aka the pupperina
Award-winning author Nita Sweeney and Scarlet the #ninetyninepercentgooddog

You might not be able to escape, but you can meditate

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An ancient meditation practice helped me love my neighbors despite our political differences (and their political signs)

Snow-covered trees on a suburban street.
Photo by Nita Sweeney

A primer for the new author

Woman holding book at author book signing.
Nita Sweeney with reader at book signing.

Nothing illegal.

Seriously. I cannot think of one single legal thing you should not do when you hold that very first brand spanking new copy of your very first, brand spanking new book in your shaky hands.

Stare at it!

That name on the cover? THAT’S YOU!!! I…

Meditation benefits creative thinking and improves focus

Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

How Running for Charity Helped My Mental Health

Tiny Steps I Took When Silence in the Face of Racism and Privilege (especially my own) was No Longer an Option

Photocredit: Pexels Lum3n

How re-framing ‘I’m sorry’ changed the way I think about myself

Meme saying “Thank you for your patience. ~ Nita Sweeney”
Meme Credit: Nita Sweeney

Thank you for your patience

A friend recently posted an Ashley Stahl meme with alternatives to “I’m Sorry.”

Nita Sweeney

Award-winning author of Depression Hates a Moving Target and You Should Be Writing. Publishes Write Now Columbus. Meditates and runs.

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