Thank You for Your Patience

How re-framing ‘I’m sorry’ changed the way I think about myself

Nita Sweeney


Meme saying “Thank you for your patience. ~ Nita Sweeney”
Meme Credit: Nita Sweeney

Thank you for your patience

A friend recently posted an Ashley Stahl meme with alternatives to “I’m Sorry.”

“I’m sorry I’m late” became “Thank you for waiting for me.”

“I’m sorry I’m so needy” turned into “Thank you for being there for me.”

As someone whose brain transforms the mere hint of another person’s displeasure into the worst failure of my life, I found these subtle changes empowering.

Then I took it a step further and created a single one that fits most situations.

Especially during this dream-come-true publishing adventure, I’m learning, growing, and pushing my edges all while trying to relax into a “new normal.” Every great adventure comes with challenges, right? Challenges keep life interesting.

“Thank you for your patience as I figure out, all at the same time, how to do a bunch of things I have never done before.”

“Thank you for your patience when anxiety flips me into default habits and I overthink and over-analyze.”

“Thank you for your patience while I disappear for whole days in order to do the work before me.”

“Thank you for your patience when I reemerge with a new attitude, ready to face the next task.”

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Is it wrong to say “I’m sorry?” Of course not. A heart-felt apology always has its place. “Thank you for your patience” won’t mask bad behavior.

Is it wrong to say “I’m sorry?” Of course not.

But if I’ve picked up the emotional baseball bat, intent on beating myself over the head with shame, I’ll set it back down, look around, and see if it’s there’s another way.

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